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This website provides information about the T-GUIDE project: "Tourist Guides for People with Learning and Intellectual Difficulties in Europe".

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Watch the video with Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director of ENAT, talking about the T-GUIDE project.


For Tourist Guides

T-GUIDE seeks to inform professional tourist guides about the requirements of visitors with learning difficulties - children, young people and adults - and how they can be engaged and informed in a guided tour. 

Experiences from practice can be shared in the "Forum" pages of the website and we welcome questions and comments from guides who are interested in contributing to the discussion.

Many tourist guides may not have considered the possibility of guiding people with learning difficulties.

Our team is here to share your concerns and develop a better understanding of what "inclusive" guiding can be and how to offer this service for visitors of all abilities.   

The T-GUIDE project will create a manual and training course for professional tourist guides which will be tested in live tours. In 2015 the course will be offered to the members of FEG - the European Federation of Tourist Guides, whose expert trainers are members of the project team.  Other guides will also have the opportunity to take the course

For Visitors

T-GUIDE aims to enable all visitors, regardless of an intellectual or learning difficulty, to have an enriching and meaningful tourism experience by taking part in a professionally guided tour. 

We are working with families and support organisations to identify requirements and create suitable tools and methods for involving visitors with learning difficulties or other intellectual difficulties in guided tours. 

In the Themes and Resources pages of this site you will find information about good practices, research studies and links to other sources of information which the project team is using to develop the T-GUIDE Manual.

Visitors may also find these resources useful. We also welcome any reference materials that families and support organisations have found helpful.   

For Destinations

In order to be a truly inclusive and accessible destination, those who are responsible for tourist destination management need to be aware of the requirements of all visitors and take steps to ensure a warm welcome - and that appropriate support measures are in place to meet the needs of all visitors. 

Professional tourist guides are often the "face" of a destination to the visitor, giving a personal welcome and contributing to a lasting impression of the place, its people and its cultural significance.

The T-GUIDE team, including ENAT - the European Network for Accessible Tourism - is gathering and providing information and support tools that can be useful for destination managers when creating accessible experiences for visitors, including those with learning and intellectual difficulties.

The T-GUIDE Manual will address how tourist guides can contribute to enhancing social responsibility through their daily work, helping to make the tourist destination a welcoming and inclusive place for all visitors.  


For more information about the T-GUIDE project, go to the About section.

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