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T-GuIDE Publications

Here we present publications produced by the T-GuIDE project, 2012 - 2015.  

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29/04/2015 T-GuIDE Videos

The T-Guide project produced 3 videos introducing the project and demonstrating two testing phases of the tourist guide training. The videos were made to enhance the dissemination of the project objectives, illustrating some of the working methods and practical results. 0 comments

02/04/2015 T-GuIDE Easy-Reading Flyer: Do You Like to Travel?

An illustrated 2-page flyer about travel, addressed to visitors with learning difficulties. A tourist guide can show you very old buildings, statues and places in the town or the countryside. You will have a nice trip with a Tourist Guide! 0 comments

25/03/2015 T-GuIDE Booklet

The T-GuIDE Booklet is a 4-page, print-friendly, digital document describing the aims, the work and the products of the T-GuIDE project on tourist guide training for guiding visitors with intellectual and/or learning difficulties. 0 comments

18/02/2015 T-GuIDE Project Postcard

View and download the T-GuIDE project postcard in seven languages. 0 comments

20/07/2014 T-Guide D15(a). Report on National Expert Interviews and Focus Groups

T-GuIDE Project Report. During in-depth interviews and focus groups experts in the T-Guide field highlighted vital suggestions, what kind of knowledge, abilities, skills might be trained during course for tourist guides, who would like to work with people with intellectual disabilities. Experts suggest that trainings might consist of theoretical inputs and practical exercises. Additionally, skills and experience of candidate for Tourist Guide for intellectually disabled people might be proven either through training, work experience or/and online exam. The interviews were carried out by T-GuIDE partners from France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Latvia and Italy. (T-GuIDE Project Deliverable 15(a)). 0 comments

19/07/2014 T-GuIDE D15(b). Report: Overall Desk Research on situation of tourist guides in context of working with people with intellectual disabilities and/or learning difficulties

T-GuIDE Project Report. Overall Desk Research is a form of state-of-the-art, looking at the situation of tourist guides in the context of working with people with intellectual disabilities and/or learning difficulties in partners' countries: Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Latvia, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom. At the end of the document is a bibliography of recommended reading in the field. (T-GuIDE Project Deliverable 15(b)). 0 comments