This page contains Links to sources of information related to tourist guiding and training as well as resources for families and visitors with learning and other intellectual difficulties.


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  • UK Airports Need To Step Up Their Assistance For Those With Autism

    By Alice Fowler. The Airport Parking Shop recently surveyed UK parents who have children on the Autistic Spectrum and got their views on travelling through UK airports and what their experiences were like. 80% of the parents said that they usually find the experience rather daunting - this article has some great tips for you and also explores how airports could improve the experience.

  • Mencap. About Learning Disability

    Find out more about some of the key issues relating to learning disability and find information and advice for parents, carers and the family, and professionals working with someone with a learning disability. About learning disability: Read more about what a learning disability is, find out about its causes and what it means for people with a learning disability. Health: Information on key issues relating to health and healthcare for people with a learning disability. Education: Our advice about education, including choosing the right school and making sense of the statementing process. Transition and further education: Leaving school and moving into adult life can be an exciting and challenging time for young people and their parents, with lots of choices to be made. Friendships and relationships: Relationships play a vital part in everyone’s lives, including people with a learning disability. Accessing services: Find out how to access services in your community, from short breaks to finding a place to live. Money, benefits and assessments. Find out more about the benefits and assessments you and your family might be entitled to. Laws and rights: More about key rights and laws designed to protect and empower people with a learning disability. Providing for the future: Planning for the future can help provide a sense of comfort and security. For parents and carers: If you care for someone with a learning disability, it's important to make sure you get the right support. For professionals: Good practice advice for professionals working with someone with a learning disability. Resources centre: Welcome to the Mencap resources centre!

  • Autism Speaks - Resource Library (USA)

    For those who want to learn more about autism, browse the latest books, magazine articles, educational manuals, software, and much more.

  • 15 Airports That Offer “Rehearsal Programs” for Individuals With Autism

    Flying. It’s something we take for granted these days. 40 or 50 years ago flying was an experience. You prepared for it, you wore nice clothes, you told all your friends that you would flying on an airplane, It was an event. Today… Not so much. Flying is almost as pedestrian as taking a bus ride. No more fun or excitement, just part of the routine. For children with autism and other special needs Flying is still an event. The change in routine, the noise, the unfamiliar surroundings, the crowds all contribute to an overwhelming and overstimulating experience that can cause some major meltdowns. Flying Rehearsal Programs: Taking a child with autism on a plane requires some advanced planning and preparation. Thankfully there are now programs in place at many airports that that provide children with autism a flying experience without ever lifting off the ground. Participants pack their bags, ride to the airport, pass through security, and continue through the whole flying process including boarding, “flying” and deplaning.

  • Architecture for Autism

    Adapted architecture can make an enormous difference in the lives of people with autism and those around them. This site's mission is to share and expand knowledge to make built spaces responsive to the needs of the persons in question.

  • Autistic Globetrotting

    In 2009, Margalit Francus, mother of a teenage son with autism, established a nonprofit website, Autistic Globetrotting, to inspire and encourage autistic families to explore the world. Her articles have appeared in many media publications, including,The friendship circle Blog.SATH ,Autisable and Blogher.By communicating with both the autistic and travel communities, she aims to raise autism awareness and facilitate the implementation of much needed accomodations for special needs travelers.

  • Pantou - The European Accessible Tourism Directory

    Pantou is the Greek word for Everywhere. This web site, supported by the European Commission, presents the Directory of suppliers of accessible tourism services in all European Union and Accession countries. It also includes suppliers such as travel agents and tour operators who provide accessible services to Europe-inbound customers. The Pantou Directory makes it easier for tourists with any kind of access needs to find what they are looking for when planning a visit. It promotes European accessible tourism suppliers, showing places to go and things to do – in safety and with convenience and comfort. Until now it has been difficult for a visitor with access needs to find out about the availability of suitable suppliers across Europe. Pantou has been developed to meet the need for a reliable and comprehensive pan-European guide to all kinds of tourism services that are currently offered for this market segment. Registered Tourist Guides are invited to register with Pantou and reach a wider clientelle. It's free of charge to register and use Pantou.