T-GUIDE eLearning Course

Access Training logoThe T-GUIDE eLearning course was launched in March 2015. It is available at

The eLearning course is free of charge. It provides a general introduction to some of the basic principles that tourist guides should observe when preparing a guided tour for persons with intellectual impairments or learning difficulties. It also introduces examples of good practice, using multi-media sources and presents useful references for further study. After the main modules there are short quizzes allowing learners to test their knowledge.

It should be emphasised that the T-GUIDE eLearning course does not qualify a learner to work as a specialised tourist guide. This requires professional training as a tourist guide and an additional special training course.

T-GUIDE Continuing Professional Development for Qualified Tourist Guides

Following the succesful completion of the T-GuIDE project, since 2016 FEG, the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in partnership with ENAT, offers specialist training courses for professional tourist guides in guiding people with intellectual disabilities.

The first “T-GUIDE” training course was held for London Blue Badge tourist guides in March 2016, in the Houses of Parliament in London, UK.

Contact FEG Secretariat for further details about the continuing professional development courses for qualified tourist guides.

Contact ENAT Secretariat for general enquiries about T-GuIDE and the eLearning course.