How do you welcome autism into your museum?

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Claire Madge, shares three low cost things you can do to make your museum autism friendly and welcome autistic visitors and their families and carers into your museum.

Claire Madge is  a museum volunteer who has  three children, the eldest is 10 years old and she has Aspergers, a form of autism. They love museums but often they avoid them, the barriers loom large. Museums can do more and they need to do more to welcome autism into the museum.

The most common barriers to visiting a museum are unfamiliar environment, lots of people and sensory overload often to lights or sound.

In this blog she suggests 3 things museums can do to make your them more autism friendly. You don’t need money and resources to implement these things, just a little time and effort.

It is not always about implementing a specific programme for autistic visitors, often small changes can make a big difference.  

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