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EU Study: Mapping of Skills and Training Needs to Improve Accessibility in Tourism Services in Europe

21/07/2014 | 0 comments

This document is the final report of the study commissioned by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry regarding “Mapping of Skills and Training needs to improve accessible tourism services”. The report includes all findings of the research and data collection, the full analysis of results and a set of conclusions and recommendations. To facilitate dissemination, all country level data and the 20 standalone case study reports are provided in a separate annex.



2.0   Introduction and study objectives...7
   2.1   EU policy context...7
   2.2   The importance of accessible tourism services...8
   2.3   The role of accessibility training in the tourism sector....9
   2.4   Study objectives and report structure...11

3.0   Mapping of occupations and skills needs
   3.1   Conceptualising the map of skills needs...13
   3.2   Defining occupations and skills requirements...17
   3.3   Map of skills and training requirements for managers/owners without client contact...23
   3.4   Map of skills and training requirements for managers and owners with client contact....26
   3.5   Map of skills and training requirements for frontline staff...28
   3.6   Map of skills and training requirements for other specialists...31
   3.7   Map of skills and training requirements for other specialists...technical professions...33

4.0   Overview of existing training initiatives...39
   4.1   Formal and informal training provisions...40
   4.2   The role of accessibility awareness...42
   4.3   Supply-side drivers of training initiatives...43
   4.4   Delivery of training initiatives....45
   4.5   Financing and sustainabilit....48
   4.6   Target audience....52
   4.7   Curriculum and training content...53

5.0   Gap analysis and role of EU projects....58
   5.1   Gap analysis...58
   5.2   The role of EU projects in addressing gaps....62

6.0   Cross analysis of case studies....73
   6.1   Innovation...75
   6.2   Relevance...76
   6.3   Transferability....77
   6.4   Efficiency and Effectiveness....80
   6.5   Impact...81
   6.6   Sustainability....83

7.0   Recommendations....86



Download the Report in PFD format from the right-hand panel.

Download the 20 Case Studies from the ENAT website


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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Pierre Hausemer, Ivor Ambrose, Kei Ito and Monika Auzinger
Language(s): EN


Publisher: European Commission
Date published on the web: 01/07/2014


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