T-Guide Press Release no. 1 in English

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New Tourist Guide Training to Benefit Tourists with Disabilities.

Enjoying travel and tourism is not always easy for people with intellectual and learning difficulties and their families. In response to this challenge, FEG - the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, and a group of partners from the tourism and disability sectors has started a training initiative, “T-Guide”, to train official qualified tourist guides in the skills that can help them give this group of tourists a better experience and understanding of Europe’s cultural and historical sites.

The internet-based training will be offered free of charge to tourist guides and will help them adjust their guiding to the needs of this target group. The course will be tested by creating a trial tourist itinerary for intellectually disabled visitors and the overall training will provide a framework for training and skills assessment at EU level. This should result in a wider range of guided tours for visitors in European countries and lead to new job opportunities for tourist guides and for the tourism industry.

Organisations of people with disabilities and their families will be involved in developing the learning programmes and tools for professionals, ensuring that the training will meet the needs of these visitors.

Behind the T-Guide training course is a group of nine organisations supported by the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme, ”Leonardo Da Vinci”. The lead partner is the Polish University SpoĹ‚eczna Akademia Nauk, Lodz.

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