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"T-Guide" Surveys Launched on Improving Tourist Guiding for Visitors with Learning Difficulties

05/02/2014 | 0 comments

Tourist Guide at Delphi, GreecePhoto. Tourist Guide at Delphi, Greece. (FEG)
Enjoying travel and tourism is not always easy for people with intellectual and learning difficulties and their families.

In response to this challenge, FEG - the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and partners from the tourism and disability sectors have started a training initiative, “T-Guide”, supported by the European Lifelong Learning Programme.

The aim of the T-Guide Project is to produce a training manual and course to help professional tourist guides acquire the skills that can help them give this group of tourists a better experience and understanding of Europe’s cultural, historical and natural heritage.

Three short surveys have been launched by the T-Guide project team to gather views and experiences from:

  1. tourism providers,
  2. visitors and their families and support organisations, and
  3. tourist guides and potential trainees.

Each survey takes only 5 to 10 minutes to answer.  Anyone with some experience, knowledge or interest in this subject is kindly asked to choose one of the surveys and fill out the online form. 

Information from the surveys will be used to develop a training manual and materials which will then be tested with tourist guides from European countries.  

The three surveys can be found online at the T-Guide Surveys page.
Please give your answers by 28th February 2014.


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