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Mencap. About Learning Disability

Find out more about some of the key issues relating to learning disability and find information and advice for parents, carers and the family, and professionals working with someone with a learning disability. About learning disability: Read more about what a learning disability is, find out about its causes and what it means for people with a learning disability. Health: Information on key issues relating to health and healthcare for people with a learning disability. Education: Our advice about education, including choosing the right school and making sense of the statementing process. Transition and further education: Leaving school and moving into adult life can be an exciting and challenging time for young people and their parents, with lots of choices to be made. Friendships and relationships: Relationships play a vital part in everyone’s lives, including people with a learning disability. Accessing services: Find out how to access services in your community, from short breaks to finding a place to live. Money, benefits and assessments. Find out more about the benefits and assessments you and your family might be entitled to. Laws and rights: More about key rights and laws designed to protect and empower people with a learning disability. Providing for the future: Planning for the future can help provide a sense of comfort and security. For parents and carers: If you care for someone with a learning disability, it's important to make sure you get the right support. For professionals: Good practice advice for professionals working with someone with a learning disability. Resources centre: Welcome to the Mencap resources centre! Language(s): EN
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