D 19. Pilot Competence Model for Tourist Guides (Final version)


The Final Version (3 February 2015, English) of the "Pilot Competence Model for Tourist Guides" to be used for translation to all the project languages.

PDF versions of translations are also uploaded here - see right hand panel.


The T-GuIDE Pilot Competences Manual presents the objectives of the T-GuIDE initiative on training and skills development for Tourist Guides in guiding people with intellectual disabilities or learning difficulties. It begins with supporting testimonies from stakeholders and a summary of the project objectives and approach. The main body of the Pilot Manual presents a systematic overview of the competences that tourist guides must acquire and demonstrate in order to be assessed for recognition of their supplementary knowledge, skills and competences. It also indicates the points that Vocational Training Assessors should observe when assessing candidates who seek a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in this area. While no Assessment Centre has yet been appointed to carry out NVQ assessments, this Pilot Manual document - when finalised by the T-GuIDE partners - may be used as one of the key components for establishing such a qualification.


Training, tourist guide, intellectual disabilities, standards, qualification, competences, skills